Hepburn Develops Great Leaders

Student Leadership Vision Statement

Our student leaders are outstanding role models and represent our school with pride. Student leaders are incredibly excited, proud, active and contribute using their best knowledge and skills. Our student leaders seek on-going input from their peers and always represent the student body to achieve the greatest outcomes. They use the talents of one another to ensure there is a balance between roles and leadership opportunities. Our student leaders play a vital role within the school and we are always looking to continue strengthening their abilities.

School Captain Role Description

School captains design, run and host school assemblies, supported by the house captains and junior school council. They also represent the school with pride at public events and in greeting and thanking visitors to the school. The school captains assist in meetings of the junior school council and support them in their role. They also support the house captains in the completion of their duties. School captains willingly complete additional duties as requested by staff.

House Captain Role Description

House captains are responsible for organising their teams and supporting staff in the running of house events. They lead their individual house teams and support the participation of all house members through enthusiasm, fairness and encouragement. House captains also participate in assemblies by delivering their house point totals and supporting the school captains in the running of the event. They also willingly act in a supporting role during other school events, as requested by staff. House captains volunteer to participate in all sporting events, including school and inter-school events.

Junior School Council Role Description

Junior school council representatives share their own ideas as well as representing their classmates at meetings, bringing others’ thoughts and opinions for consideration. They carefully consider the views of their peers before making decisions and sharing these with their classmates.
They lead fundraising activities and support staff with preparation and running of fun days and events. They act in a supporting role during assemblies and present information relevant to their role.