School Chaplain

The most frequent question asked of me by children and parents is … “what is a school Chaplain?”

The Chaplain in a school has a unique role to play, however, I’m sure the thing we all have in common is we are here to help, to listen, to share and to walk alongside the children, staff and parents.

And like in all communities, that walk is going to be littered with challenges, some hurt and much fun and joy.

Whether the rain is falling or the sun is shining in the mind of my community, I want to be a part of it … to help and support in any way I can.

So if you drop into the school to say hello you may find me playing in the sand pit, or talking about friendships with a small group, or listening to concerns held by an individual parent or pupil or just washing the dishes!

A Chaplain serves their community in any and every way they can, and it’s a privilege to do so.