Better BuddiesThe “Better Buddies” program is an initiative of “The Alannah and Madeline Foundation” which helps students entering their first year of school to feel safe, valued and connected to the school community.  The school pairs each new student with an older buddy.  At Hepburn we are able to extend this just a little bit further and each student has a buddy regardless of grade level.”Better Buddies” is designed to reduce Bullying and create friendly and caring school environments.  The framework builds strong relationships with the younger students feeling safe and cared for and the older students feeling valued and respected.


Kids Matter

“Kids Matter” is a whole-school approach to children’s mental health and well being.  This program fits comfortably together with other programs we run at the school which focus on student welfare and wellbeing.

“Kids Matter” works with schools, parents, health services and the wider community to nurture happy, balanced kids.

Hepburn Primary School is trialling this program and staff are continuing to learn as we undertake the professional development elements of the program and implement them in the school.

At Hepburn Primary School “Kids Matter”.