Out of Hours School Care

As a service we believe strongly that all children have a right to the highest quality care. As staff, we believe children are our biggest resource as a community, and the key to our future. Children at the Service come from a variety of families, from different racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, and with varying family structures, from single parent families to larger extended families. Children from such different families may have very different issues or needs. Please let us know your particular needs, and we will endeavour to balance those issues within the context of the centre’s philosophy and programs. As staff we aim to support your parenting role through:
• a partnership approach
• good communication
• jointly negotiated strategies
• providing a resource for information
• providing support at stressful times
We believe that by supporting families effectively, we can have a positive effect on the whole of our local community here in Daylesford, and surrounding districts.

DCCC’s Outside school hours program now has a fantastic new location on Hepburn Primary School.
Hepburn Primary School
156 Main Rd, Hepburn

Contact Details
For information about After School Care and holiday Care, please contact our Centre co-ordinator on 5348 3702 or 0490 110 881.

After School Care
Available after school, every school day, until 6:15pm. Children collected by us from school. To norify of absences text or phone 0490 110 881. Available weekdays during school holidays – 8am to 6:15pm. Runs end term 1,2 & 3 and end of January until start of school year.


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Additional Information
Daylesford Community Child Care Centre INC. is a community based not for profit organisation. We are operated by a Committee of Management that is made up of parent users of the service. Under this umbrella, we operate Family Day Care, the Child Care centre and OSHC. We have an Educational Leader and a Book Keeper, then Teams leaders and Co-Educators.

Our Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) operates Mondays to Friday from 3:15pm to 6:15pm. We currently pick the children up via bus (community bus) and arrive at Hepburn Primary School by approximately. 3:30pm.

We are currently licensed to care for 30 children but have our own limit set to 24 (staffing purposes). On average, we have about 17 scheduled to attend but this can vary each term.

OSHC also offers a vacation program that offers care for school aged children from 8am-6pm during all school holidays. This program is always booked out with 24 children attending each day.

The current routine of OSHC in the after school care is to arrive, have 5 minutes to unwind, join the group for afternoon tea and then choose from a set of planned activities. The OSHC curriculum can be found here: http://www.acecqa.gov.au/approved-early-learningframeworks.

Our License to operate is provided by the Department of Education and Training. They also oversee compliance to national law and regulations as well as facilitate quality and assessment within the National Quality Standards. This can include compliance visits to program and Assessment and Rating visits. This means, an Authorised Officer from the Department comes to the service to observe practice and program and rates the service against the standards as well as compliance to national law. We have been through this process earlier this year.