Choosing the right school for your child can be a challenging and difficult decision.

Hepburn Primary School are delighted to offer you the opportunity to visit our school to see for yourself how your child will be provided with a well balanced, challenging and exciting primary education.  We encourage families to visit when it is mutually convenient enabling you to see the school in action, “as it is”, at any given time.

Hepburn Primary School is a small school, set in a picturesque location. The large play area backs onto natural bushland and we cater for the many and varied interests of our students with lots of space to learn and grow. Students are actively involved in our vegetable garden, planting a wide range of vegetables which we harvest for use in our kitchen and any excess produce is offered to families.

The School buildings are a wonderful fusion of heritage and modern, providing a fantastic space for your child to learn.  The space includes 4 main classrooms, a dedicated art & science room, library, a communal/shared space learning area, dining room, hall, kitchen and administration area.

The curriculum is broad, catering for all learning areas as well as providing a wide variety of specialist classes including Italian language, swimming, cooking and robotics to name a few.  Extra curricular activities include, varied sports, and performance incursions/excursions.

We look forward to meeting you to show you how our school can meet the educational and social needs of your child.