Hepburn Primary School celebrates its successes with members of the school community in a variety of ways. Family BBQ’s are held each year early in term 1 to welcome new families to our school community and later in term four to celebrate our achievements.


Grandparents and Special Friends Day

At grandparents and special friends day our students eagerly show off their school and invite our visitors to join in a variety of learning activities.

This year we asked our Grandparents and Special Friends to tell us about the “olden days”.  “Show and Tell and interviews helped students gain an insight into school life in the past.  It is surprising the things that our Grandparents and Special Friends found in the back of the cupboard to bring to school to share.  We had a roast lunch, played “snakes and ladders”, checkers and chess.

Grandparents, special friends and students always enjoy this truly wonderful day.

Swiss Italian Festival

Our local “Swiss Italian Festa” is a focus of our year. The school community enjoys the “grande parade” through the streets of Hepburn on the festival day. The students take pride in opening the concert at the local sound shell, where they sing “Advance Australia Fair” in Italian.

Parents work together on this day to provide food for the revellers and use this as a small fundraiser. The school hall is also home to the “Children’s Art Exhibition” where we display artwork from students from both our schhol and other local schools in the area

It is always a special time of the year for the school and the community.


Rotary Music Concert

Students enjoy the experience of performing on the big stage in the Daylesford Town Hall each year for the annual Rotary Music Concert. It is a great time to showcase the school and our great music program and to see what other school in the area are doing.

Daylesford Show

Our art work is on display each year at the Daylesford show. We always ensure that we support our local community as this is part of students learning about social responsibility and strengthens their self esteem.